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At JRP, our work is aimed at telling stories, sharing knowledge and inspiring flights of fancy.


From THE DR FAD SHOW, our early TV series motivating kids across the county to create wild and wondrous inventions, to PHOEBE FOR PRESIDENT’s short-form videos, spurring tweens watching Nickelodeon to head online and get involved in local issues, our projects entertain, engage and drive action.


Producing TV series, documentaries, videos, political action campaigns and websites in partnership with CBS, ABC Disney, HBO, AOL, PBS, Sesame Workshop, the Smithsonian, and the Brennan Center for Justice, our projects set the stage for the expansion of learning, conversation and community.

Over the years Joanne has continued to garner top industry awards, helping not-for-profits, government organizations, and companies large and small, shape their stories and build their brands.


Her newest project is The Bonackers, a 60-minute documentary she's producing and directing, about the fiercely independent men and women who've been fishing and farming the east end of Long Island for almost 400 years. She recently completed her first novel, The Goddess of the Sea, a heroine's journey and updated version of Plato's Atlantis myth set in East Hampton's community of Baymen.

If you're looking for support with your next steps, please let us know,--  we're always here to create original content and digital media tailored to your specific needs.

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