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Over the years, Joanne’s blogged for digital media like HuffPo, Medium and Thrive, and hosted webinars with a range of guest experts at WHAT NOW WHAT NEXT and WE NYC. A few posts and webinars seem particularly timely now. Working with the MIT Age Lab spiked Joanne’s interest in fighting ageism and reframing aging, and she continues to be committed to supporting women entrepreneurs of all ages.

It takes an act of imagination to enlarge our ideas about aging and embrace our increasing value as we grow older. Ashton Applewhite aims to lead a revolution against age discrimination, making ageism as politically incorrect as sexism or racism. It's time for "age pride" to go mainstream.

The women in Okinawa are a great inspiration for all of us, with the world’s largest percentage of female centenarians. Much of their longevity is credited to their “moais,” five or more girlfriends they meet in childhood who remain close friends for the rest of their lives.

Steve Jobs once described creativity as "connecting the dots," adding, "most people don't have enough dots to connect because they haven't had many diverse experiences." That's certainly not the case for women entrepreneurs over 40.

If you’re an entrepreneur you’ve probably repositioned your business at least once over the past few years. Here are a few tips for sharing the current value of your business as concisely as possible with new customers.

Here’s a YouTube link to Joanne’s video interview with Ashton as they explore new ways of thinking about age and aging.


Joanne is committed to sharing her knowledge and experience across the board. From helping women entrepreneurs navigate the full 360 of work and life, to partnering with communities and companies focused on “reframing aging,” and the social good overall, Joanne’s aim is generating positive change.


Nancy, Joyce and Linda argue vehemently about a mother’s responsibility to her kids on our YouTube Channel.

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